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Who are we?

Founded by Mary + Ryan with a passion create a practical and affordable luxury lifestyle brand. Our head office is based at the fabulous Custard Factory in Birmingham. (Before you wonder, there is no custard on site and it's not a real 'custard making factory'! We wished and hoped there would be also).

Our footwear are memory foam enhanced to give comfort. Our Clothing are designed to give comfort and be that staple collection in your wardrobe. Our bath & Body products are natural and free from all sorts of baddies, making them wonderfully safe for all the family.

We like our brand to be perceived as stylish yet classic with with a hint of fun.


History lesson 101

We started in 2017 with one shoe 'the goddess' after frustrations with buying luxury shoes that look good but seem to destroy the feet! Research and lots of trial and error birthed a great partnership with a respected manufacturing facility, who hand-make the best footwear for other great brands around the world. 


Brand Proposition - how we do what we do

We are serious about good quality, customer service and ensuring our people love what they do. We do our best for the environment and ensure our suppliers & manufactures are also working to look after our planet. We ensure who we work with are ethical in the way they work as well as ourselves. 

We are working on becoming a much loved household brand name through our passion, hard work and great team! We are committed to doing our best to grow.

Thank you for stopping by.