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Mary Smith Limited should receive payment in full for your order before it can be accepted. Once your method of payments has been authourised and stock is checked, Mary Smith Limited will send you an email receipt confirming your order. Please keep this receipt for your records.


We only accept orders for items that are in stock. In exceptional circumstances, if we are not able to fulfill an order we have accepted, your credit card will be refunded with the original price and we will notify you by email. In no circumstances will we be liable to you for any additional amounts or discounts should this issue occur.


Mary Smith Limited also reserves the right to refuse to supply any person for whatever reason.




Mary Smith Limited makes every effort to keep our site up-to-date, however we cannot guarantee that this site and its content is completely free of errors. 

Mary Smith's total liability for any proposed claim howsoever arising shall not exceed the price of the goods supplied to the customer, together with any postage costs incurred. We (Mary Smith Limited) will not be liable for any consequential customer loss whether this arises from a breach of duty in contract or in any other way.




Mary Smith Limited makes substantial effort to deliver our items in a the very best condition. All shoes are handmade, which can often mean there may be small marks from tool work. We pride quality at the centre of what we do, however in any circumstance where you receive a delivery with a slightly damaged box, please contact the courier service. Any slight damage to external packaging will not be representative of the items. Our chosen courier service is often Hermes, DPD, or any other courier provided by Interparcel.




Mary Smith Limited is registered in England and Wales, therefore this website, its contents and any contracts arising out of it are governed by English law. 




All online orders will be charged in British Pounds Sterling (£) and include Value Added Tax at the current rate (unless you have selected an alternative country where VAT is not chargeable), but exclude postage and packaging. 


Mary Smith Limited reserve the right to change the pricing of shoes at any time.




We endeavour to provide you with a shopping experience exempt from any errors, however please note this may occur. This includes all text- description, imagery, site mobility and the shopping process.

Member pages & GDPR/Data Protection

Please note signing up to our member pages allows you to keep track of all orders that you place with us. We will not share your data or use your data in any other way other than what you sign up for. This includes being added to our mailing list to receive discounts and offers and also notice of new products. 

Please ensure proper use of this facility. Please contact us if you would like to unsubscribe or request the data we have of you. We do not store credit card details on our system. Please contact us for further information info@marysmithshoes.com.